matale-line-billtBill Toliver | Executive Director

With a degree in Systems Engineering and a 30-year track record in strategy and communications, Bill has developed a unique perspective on transformational change.

He was a young engineer at IBM in the days when the first PCs were introduced to the world, CEO of an advertising agency in the early years of the Communication Revolution, and the regional director of a global Internet company at the dawn of the Digital Age. Having spent much of his childhood in the developing world, Bill’s commitment to the social impact sector is deeply imbedded in his life experience.

Working with over 50 nonprofits, he has built a solid reputation for helping organizations discover a more deeply evolved concept of ‘brand’ and create a powerful, progressive approach to leadership development, strategic planning, communications and fundraising.

Today he helps social impact organizations—from UNICEF to Project HOPE, from The Oprah Winfrey Foundation to The World Food Programme—transform their approach to strategic decision-making.

He is a widely sought-after speaker, and has had the privilege of consulting with nonprofits and NGOs worldwide.