The Matale Line Opens IFC


Matale Line executive director Bill Toliver’s opening plenary, delivered at this year’s International Fundraising Congress (IFC) in the Netherlands, inspired fundraisers from around the world, according to host The Resource Alliance.

In its opening remarks, The Resource Alliance said:

History is defined by small groups of people who—through energy and sheer determination—have brought about change on both a local and global level. Today, by tapping into enablers such as traditional and social media, it is possible to build movements very quickly, and create lasting change with relatively little infrastructure. Your host Bill Toliver will lead you though this complex landscape, highlighting the opportunities and challenges it presents for both large and small organizations. He also will help you start thinking about how you can harness this power in your work raising funds for your own organization. Bill will be joined by Jeremy Gilley of Peace One Day, who will share his own truly inspirational story of bringing about change.

(Note: This is an abridged 20-minute version of the original hour-long IFC opening plenary.)



AFP Book Lauds Matale Campaign


Nonprofits, foundations and NGOs don’t have the luxury of launching consumer-style campaigns. Because lives and futures often depend on your success, everything you do must move the needle.

The Matale Line has developed a unique approach to communications planning and creative execution that ensures every communications tool plays a specific, measurable role in driving your organization ever closer to success—no matter how you choose to define it.

Our distinctive approach was celebrated by Carol Cone and Jocelyne Daw in their book, Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding: Seven Powerful Principles to Power Extraordinary Results (Association of Fundraising Professionals/Wiley).

Cone and Daw observed that the “Believe in Zero” campaign, which the The Matale Line created for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, was “brilliantly executed” and offered “a full complement of guidelines, communications tools, training programs and stories to provide the visual and verbal identity for the new brand.”

The Chronicle of Philanthropy also highlighted the “Believe in Zero” campaign as one of the few examples of “What Worked,” having grown revenue for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF in the most challenging economy since The Great Depression.



EMMYS Honor Matale Video


The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, a nonprofit organization devoted to the advancement of telecommunications arts and sciences and to fostering creative leadership in the telecommunications industry, recently awarded an EMMY in its northwest community/public service category to “I Am for the Child,” a video created by The Matale Line for national CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children).

“Such a pleasant surprise to be honored,” said the creative team at The Matale Line. “Even more importantly, it was a privilege to be part of something bigger, part of a group whose hearts were in the right place—from our-client partners at CASA, to our creative-partners at PRAVA, to all those volunteer-advocates who are making a real difference in the lives of so many children.”

Abused and neglected children who have a CASA volunteer-advocate, in fact, are half as likely to languish in foster care, and that much more likely to find a safe, permanent home. Curious about becoming a volunteer-advocate? CASA has chapters in virtually every state. Learn more here.



Matale Rallies United Way Troops


A brand is not just a thing to say; it is a way to be. Everyone—from your newest volunteer to the chair of your board—must understand what it means to “live” your brand, whether communicating to potential donors or to the constituents of the cause you serve. The Matale Line offers a range of services, including staff training, board retreats and keynote events that are designed to strike the perfect balance between education and inspiration. So that those who matter most will know how to advocate for your cause, and play the right role in leading a movement—yours. To inquire about trainings, retreats or having Matale Line executive director Bill Toliver speak at one of your events, email

(Above: Bill speaks at a recent United Way national summit. Introduced by United Way’s Janet Jackson. To view the unabridged keynote, click here.)