These days there are many powerful alternatives to the “ad campaign.” 

“If all you make is hammers, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”  It is stunning how often agencies are still “selling” a TV spot or a print campaign as the answer to all communications challenges. Don’t get us wrong; there is a time and a place for everything—including a powerful TV spot. But you deserve a partner that is able to take advantage of all the rich alternatives to traditional communications!

The question is which mix of tools and media are right for you?

Together we will build an integrated communications plan that illustrates how to use the central theme that underpins your brand and build a lasting connection will all the constituent groups that are critical to your success. The plan will be based upon Relationship Marketing models that reflect the steps a specific constituent goes through as they build a relationship with your organization. We then match the ideal messages and marketing tools to carry them through those steps. This approach assures that each tool plays a specific role, and is appropriately linked to other tools in the communications process. So you are able to use the most efficient and effective communications tool to address each of the communications challenges you face.

This approach can often alleviate fears about spending more money, because it first assures that you are spending the money you have in the best possible way. In our experience most organizations can make incredible strides by simply reallocating their current budgets against more relevant tools.