Sometimes an annual report or new web copy can make all the difference.

Perhaps you have a limited budget, or are just not ready for a reframing of your communications strategy. We are firm believers that sometimes the most compelling opportunities can come through the simplest of projects.

A brochure that offers a new more powerful case for giving. An annual report that doesn’t just state the facts, but reminds everyone—from board members to employees, from corporate partners to prospective new donors—why this work is so worthy of our best efforts. Web copy that is exciting and invites people to join the cause. A new social media campaign that builds a lifelong relationship rather than a one-off transaction. Maybe something as focused as an event celebrating your 50th Anniversary.

The Matale Line has a team of designers, art directors, copywriters and content managers (and a network of freelancers) that are “best in class” when it comes to telling a compelling story on your behalf. Not just smart people who are steeped in the techniques and tools of communications and marketing but wise people who have been doing this kind of work for nonprofit/social impact organizations for long enough to know what works.

Every opportunity, no matter how small it may seem, represents a chance to set a more promising direction—whether to reduce production costs, rekindle the passion of your board and donors, or spark a new passion among staff and everyday folks.  Rest assured that we are able to come up with creative solutions at just about every price point