Your mission demands that you thrive

Mission success is always tied to whether you can grow a diversified base of funders—from corporations to individual donors, from government agencies to foundations, from social enterprises to crowd sourcing. Most importantly is how easily your base of support can become distracted by what happens to be in the headlines from day to day, the stock market from month-to-month, or the political climate from year-to-year.

Not to mention the endless onslaught of new solicitations for their time or money.

Our approach begins with helping you develop a story that ensures that your constituents are connected to you for reasons that transcend the fleeting emotional tug of your day-to-day work or the everyday realities of life. Our goal is to establish a premise for a new kind of relationship that is built upon a strong sense of shared values and beliefs.

The result is an ongoing imperative to act without having to constantly stimulate a frantic sense of urgency every time resources are needed.

Tactically, we employ an evolution of the “Moves Management” model, which provides a way to map critical messages to the distinct states of mind each constituent goes through as they are building an ever-more loyal relationship with you. Our method offers the opportunity to tailor the ideal media choice to deliver your message at the appropriate time and in the appropriate way.

The outcome is a program that is easy to measure, a relationship that is hard to break, and a process that can be continually improved over time.