Creating a manageable movement for your cause.

We live in an era in which 12-year-old children have communications tools that would have blown the minds of Gandhi, King and Mandela. But we have yet to turn them into anything that resembles the kind of global social movement these leaders created—from the most remote villages of India, small towns of the American South, or an island prison.  The Matale Line aims to change that. We offer a way for social impact organizations—public, private and nonprofit—to create “manageable movements.” By merging the most innovative tactics of consumer communications and media, with the best strategies of social movement building, it is possible to build a critical mass of support for your cause.

Our goal is nothing less than to help you become an agent of change—whether through a public service campaign to bring an end to the social stigma around the mentally ill or an education program designed to help of kids at risk for HIV, whether promoting advocacy among board members in the nonprofit sector or convincing Congress to free up more funds for research of an obscure disease.

Together we can create a program that will establish a unifying theme to your messaging, and develop a call to action that speaks to people’s deepest values and beliefs.

Our cause is your success. And our mission is to help you put the advocacy strategies and tactics in place to create a loyal following. And to use that community of loyalists to their fullest potential. So your organization can reach its fullest potential.