Keynotes and plenaries that educate and inspire.

The Matale Line has long been a pioneer in the social impact sector, and our executive director, Bill Toliver, is a much sought after keynote and plenary speaker to a range of organizations involved in social change. Among them, the National Council of Non-Profit Associations, the International Fundraising Congress, TEDx, the American Marketing Association, the Association of Fundraising Professionals, United Way of America, The Netherlands Development Organisation, Fundraising Institute of Australia, the German Fundraising Congress, the Italian Fundraising Festival and the Center for Non-profit Excellence.

“The social impact sector recognizes that Bill’s insights have revolutionized thinking. After working with him you are emotionally and strategically a different person, a different organization. He is a lone voice, for those who believe the future of nonprofits requires a new way of thinking.” —Valerio Melandri, University of Bologna and Columbia University

 “His willingness to say what everyone else was thinking was so refreshing and hopeful.—United Way National Conference

 “The most engaging and entertaining speaker I have heard in a long time. Unexpected insights that proved to be quite relevant. Unorthodox, inspiring.”—Association of Fundraising Professionals

 “I thought Bill Toliver was very exciting to listen to – the highlight of the conference. What a refreshing change from the usual conference speaker.”—American Marketing Association

 “This is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. I’ve never even thought about a fraction of what Bill opened my mind up to today.”Good Samaritan Society

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