Everyone has a role to play, a chance to lead, a responsibility to succeed.

We believe that leadership is less a matter of passion and charisma than it is of knowing how to tell a story in a way that resonates with each of the different constituencies that look to you for answers and direction.

Everyone—from your newest volunteer to the chair of your board—has the right and the responsibility to understand what it means to “live” your brand. They, after all, are a reflection of you, and every interaction they have is another opportunity to further the cause.

The Matale Line offers a range of services—from staff training to board retreats—that are designed to strike the perfect balance between education and inspiration. Our approach helps people learn how to integrate their personal narratives and leadership styles into their organization’s core mission and values.  So they can become a personal embodiment of the vision and values and beliefs that your cause demands.

Our goal is to help you create an environment in which everyone on your team will know how to advocate, and play the leadership role to which they are best suited. To develop a personal sense of ownership for your success.

The net result is an organization that is not just well managed, but in which every person and every meeting has the opportunity to multiply your impact.  A team of people who can see past obstacles and barriers. Hold a tension between your current reality and your highest aspirations. And, most importantly, believe that audacious goals and achievements are indeed possible.