A “brand” is not a thing to say; it is a way to be.

Politics, economics, current events, and the ever growing and changing needs of constituents dictate the pressure for social impact organizations to constantly evolve.

As you manage that pressure, it is often easy to make seemingly small decisions that seem circumstantially correct, but—in hindsight and after a great deal of pain—wind up in aggregate to have slowly drawn you attention away from mission.

Our approach to strategic planning provides you with a comfortable and explicit touchstone that will help keep you from straying (even by accident) from the central purpose of your organization, because it keeps everyone focused not only on what you do, but why you do it.

Likewise, as the inevitable evolutions in leadership, programs and services occur, our holistic approach to branding ensures that every change happens as smoothly and effectively as possible, without creating the common angst among staff, volunteers and donors. Now every change will have context and tie to the bigger purpose.

The net result is an organization that is not just well managed, but well structured to achieve success. In which systems and methods are in alignment with your mission. In which every person and every meeting has the opportunity to multiply your impact.  We intend to help you cultivate a team of people who can see past obstacles and barriers.  A dedicated team who will hold a tension between your current reality and your highest aspirations.  And, most importantly, believe that audacious goals and achievements are indeed possible.