Our clients are looking for more than “customers” and “transactions.

The clients and causes we serve require committed communities of people—and foundations and corporations and organizations—who will join your cause. People who will not just “like” you on Facebook, but who will literally sacrifice on your behalf. Because of this, The Matale Line has developed a hybrid agency model, which merges the best practices of consumer communications with the theories and tactics of social movement building.

So while the expression of our work often takes familiar forms—print ads to TV; direct mail to Facebook; websites to radio spots—it most decidedly is not born from the same traditions as most consumer marketing campaigns.

Our clients and their causes demand and deserve more.

Our work begins with a more powerful concept of “brand.” A brand, as we define it, is not a logo, tagline or mission statement. It is something much deeper. It is the foundational element of an organization—that inescapable combination of philosophy, belief system and values—that determines the actions, not merely the look and feel, of an organization. To us a brand is not so much a thing to say, it is a way to be.

Call it the moral to your story. The kind of brand we’re talking about doesn’t just hold the promise of making you well known; it can make you literally well owned. Where your stakeholders—whether donors, staff, volunteers or millions of people around the world—feel a sense of ownership for your success because they identify so strongly with who you are.